Must See! Kamala Fails To Connect With Latinos in a Spectacular Fashion


Joe Biden continues to hide out in the basement, while Kamala Harris handles all of the campaign grunt work. That’s no big surprise but Harris’ recent visit to Miami was. She never could have expected what would happen upon arrival, either. Harris’ visit exposed one major issue that the Biden campaign has yet to address.

He is struggling to gain traction among Hispanic voters who reside in the state of Florida. The Latinos who have migrated to the region from Communist regimes in Cuba and South America are regarding him with a sizable amount of skepticism. These folks have already lived under Communist regimes in the past.

Their opposition to such a regime in America shouldn’t shock anyone. They came to this country hoping to avoid a repeat of what they have already escaped from. Why would anyone who has already been through what these people have suffered through want to go through a repeat? Harris and Biden are only promising them more of the same old same.

Latinos were not pleased with Harris’ visit and lined the streets of their city to let her know about it. They are rejecting Harris and Biden before their brand of socialism ever has a chance to take root. “No Communista. No Socialista” read one of the signs from the Latino group. These people do not want to see a shift in power when the election rolls around and we cannot blame them.

Unlike Kamala Harris, who is now trying to re-brand herself as a woke leftist who hates the police, the Latinas for Trump group is not going to stand for this type of disrespect. The line has been drawn in the sand. The “Apoyen La Policia” shows where this woman stand when it comes to the thin blue line that keeps our cities from descending into total chaos.

Kamala Harris may have come to Miami to do a little bit of pandering but the conservative Cubans and Venezuelans that she encountered are less than impressed. She probably should have seen this one coming. The Trump campaign has been working tirelessly to establish a link between Biden and the Communist regimes that these residents have already fled from.

It seems like the message is definitely sinking in. The Trump campaign’s most recent ads have been targeting these voting blocs that are traditionally ignored. The ad depicted Cuban revolutionary Fidel Castro and Venezuelan Socialist Hugo Chavez. The word “progressive” is thrown around a lot now and Trump’s campaign wants to make sure that these voters know exactly what they are getting themselves into.

Otherwise, they could end up falling for the same lies that Democrats have been telling for some time now. The election cycles are always the same. They head to the cities that they believe are most susceptible to their pandering. In many instances, they may even choose a popular local institution to visit or they will have some sort of sit down meeting with a local celebrity.

These meaningless, hollow gestures are supposed to make people forget about all of the very real concerns that they have. Instead of providing them with actual policy that they can rely on, they provide empty promises and silly rhetoric. The Hispanic community in Florida has heard it all before and they are not about to be led astray. Harris is going to have to do better than a surprise appearance to get this region back on their side.

Who knows? Biden may even end up having to leave his basement for a little while. He has tried his best to avoid all speaking engagements because he knows that he is going to be confronted with questions that he does not want to answer. Harris can only shield him from the truth for so long before Biden will actually have to speak for himself. He can only remain in the basement bunker for so long before the debates roll around.