Michelle Obama’s Telling People Not to Listen to Voting Conspiracies


Michelle Obama loves the limelight. She can’t seem to step out of it as she always has something to say about the current state of events. Now, she’s sharing her opinion about mail-in ballots, only to leave everyone confused about her message.

The former first lady made quite a few comments about voting during an Instagram Live virtual event for “When We All Vote.” This voter-registration group of hers featured a number of celebrities, including Zendaya and Jennifer Lopez.

She wants Americans to listen to what she has to say. She doesn’t want anyone to think that their vote will get lost or that it won’t count. She says, “Don’t listen to people who will say that somehow voting is rigged and your vote will get lost and it won’t be counted. That is not true.”

The problem is, she’s wrong. Each and every election year, there are votes that don’t get counted. If someone mails in a ballot but doesn’t fill it out correctly, it’s discarded. Poll workers from around the country say that it’s common for quite a few mail-in ballots to not be counted due to errors of one sort or another.

It happened in 2012, 2016, and it will most certainly count in 2020.

There have even been instances already where ballots were found in the trash in Pennsylvania that involved votes for Trump.

Michelle Obama wants everyone to think that if they vote by mail, it will count. The reality is, maybe it will, maybe it won’t. One of the surest ways of getting a vote counted is by going in person.

She tells people that “they want you to stay home.” She also says that “they” want everyone to feel confused by the process so that people just give up.

The “they” that Michelle Obama must be referring to is the GOP. She wants to paint the Trump administration in such a negative light that scare tactics are being used.

The reality is that she’s the one lying to everyone. The desire isn’t for people to stay home. The desire is for people to go out to the polling stations in person and vote. And there are several reasons for wanting this: it guarantees that their vote is counted, their ballot can’t get lost, and the vote is counted faster – especially since California is now saying that they’ll count ballots 17 days after the election.

Trump has been voicing his concern over ballot fraud for months now. Due to the coronavirus, many people feel it’s unsafe to vote in person. However, the United States Post Office is ill-equipped to handle such a large number of mail-in ballots.

There’s also the issue that states are voting to count ballots for days and even weeks following the election. This means that they won’t have a definitive answer as to who won the election on Election Night – and that’s where Trump has a problem. It’s opening up to too many possibilities of fraud.

Then, Michelle Obama is confusing the story even more. She’s saying that “they” want everyone to stay home. No, “they” don’t. She doesn’t even understand the problem. She’s talking just to hear the sound of her voice.

The reality is this: there are going to be issues with mail-in ballots. There have always been issues with mail-in ballots and if more voters than ever use this option, it’s going to lead to mass hysteria in the polling stations in an effort to get them all counted. There’s too much room for fraud.

The best way to get a vote counted is the way that it’s always been: show up to the polls. Wear a mask, use sanitizer, and stay safe. But, show up to the polls. Make a plan of when to go and simply go down there. Don’t stay at home. Have your vote heard by hitting a polling station in person!