Liberal Slip Up: A Harris-Biden Administration is the Plan


It’s worth really asking the question of who we’re voting for if we were to vote Biden. It’s supposed to be the Biden-Harris administration. That signifies that Joe Biden is the president and Kamala Harris is the vice president. Yet, neither of them can seem to get it right.

First, Harris makes a slip during one of her speeches to tell people about the Harris administration. Nice thought, but she already gave up her presidential dreams. “A Harris administration…together with Joe Biden.” She did think to at least add his name in there, but it’s not quite enough to calm our fears.

Then, Biden takes to the podium the very next night and talks about the Harris-Biden administration. It seems that he still isn’t comfortable with the idea of making his name the one that comes first.

There’s plenty of videos circulating around where Biden admits that it’s a “Harris-Biden” administration. So, the question is whether Biden slipped or if this was written on a teleprompter. Either way, it came out of his mouth.

The bigger problem is that Biden can’t seem to speak coherently without the use of a teleprompter.

Jennifer O’Malley Dillon was asked point-blank about the criticism about Biden using a teleprompter. She admitted that he does use one for speeches, but then makes it sound as though he doesn’t because he’s “out there every day, taking questions.” What universe is she living in? Most days, Biden is locked in his basement. And when he does take questions, they’re virtual and scripted.

There are too many people who fear that the Democrats are actually starting to get careless. When people start to take to the polling centers in November, will a vote for Biden actually mean a vote for Kamala Harris? It’s entirely possible that if Biden wins, they could all of a sudden deem him mentally unfit to be president. Then, voila! We have Kamala Harris as our president.

With both Biden and Harris saying the words and not apologizing or correcting themselves, it seems to be already decided. But who decided such a thing and shouldn’t Americans be made aware of it?

Kamala Harris was already rejected by the people. The Democratic Party became stuck with Biden as their candidate. It’s too late to change it now.

Nick Short pointed out that Biden is really clueless as to what administration he’s supposed to be a part of. It almost seems cruel that the Democratic Party is continuing to use and abuse Biden. He’s clearly unaware of what’s going on anymore.

Standing in a field outside of his home, Biden talks with a Biden-Harris sign in front of him. He talks about how the Obama-Biden administration rescued the automobile industry…and then ends up his comments by saying that it’s just the beginning “if we get re-elected.”

Well, it’s obvious what happens if Biden doesn’t have a teleprompter. Or, maybe, someone really dropped the ball when they were typing things up.

How is Biden not being tested for mental health at this point? Does he believe that he’s running as the VP to Harris? The VP to Obama for a third round? He’s obviously confused, and it doesn’t seem like anyone in the Democratic Party is too disturbed by it all. Now, ask why.

They’re not concerned about Biden’s mental prowess because they don’t plan on him being president for too long. The idea is to get themselves into the White House. Once Biden is inaugurated, it will only be a matter of time before he is deemed incapable of being the president. Then, Kamala Harris will assume the position based on the line of succession.

What, then? Kamala Harris can choose someone of her choosing as VP. Perhaps Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? The various Democratic Socialists that could be up for the job is terrifying.

Perhaps as Harris and Biden have both slipped by identifying that it will be the Harris administration, we have stumbled onto the bigger plan – and we should all be terrified of a vote for Biden for this very reason.