Illegal Released After Arrest for Weapons Charges, Now Arrested on Gang-Related Charges


Sanctuary cities are the joke of the nation. The only reason the selfish liberals set them up was that they hated that President Trump was cracking down on illegals. They feel that the wicked illegals flooding the county are worthy of having all the rights and privileges that dedicated citizens enjoy.

The Democrats fight hard to keep illegals hidden in the country. And that mentality is starting to hurt their chances of winning in November.

Every issue of importance in politics is widely ignored by progressives and Democrats alike. They know that they have nothing to stand for when people ask. There has been no debate with President Trump because they know that he will destroy them. So, they have invented things like police defunding and violence to hide their inadequacy.

The mentality of the Democrats is pro-crime and away with law and order. But people in the sanctuary cities are tired of fearing for their lives because of the high crime that comes with being a safe place for illegals to hang out. Illegals are a revolving door of criminal activity.

Denery Steven Lemus-Najarro is from the country of Guatemala. He was arrested in New York City on charges related to weapons. Because of the nasty laws from the Democrats, he was released back into the public before ICE could come and haul him away. He never changed his ways because he learned that he would never face law and order in New York. After all, the city harbors illegals.

Lemus-Najarro thought he had it made until he was arrested on gang-related charges. All the Democrats made him feel is that he is invincible and above the law. He was high-fived and released to return to his gang and then was picked up again for committing even more crimes. Every rational person in the country is wondering when it will end.

The Guatemalan national has no business being in America. He is an illegal that is hurting people and taking things that do not belong to him. He would instead murder than do what is right. The sad little man is part of the 18th Street gang. He is currently in custody for shooting another man in the leg earlier this month.

Lemus-Najarro is just one of the millions of illegals that sit in their stolen homes exploiting legal taxpayers. Gangs are a significant problem in every major and small city around the country. They are full of illegal gang members that could not cut it in their hometown, so they needed a fresh start.

Lemus-Najarro is no exception. Gang life for this little man just was not enough for him back home. He needed a new challenge. The grass was greener on this side of the fence. He currently has an active order for his removal from the country. And the Democrats want to protect him like some innocent victim.

When ICE first heard about his arrest and detainment in New York, they filed an Enforcement and Removal Operations detained with the NYPD, but it was ignored because of liberal orders not to cooperate with ICE. Under normal circumstances, this would be a criminal charge of harboring a criminal. But that does not stop the filthy Democrats from living above the law.

Sanctuary cities put public safety at risk. The more criminals that flock to these regions, the worse it will get for law-abiding citizens. Thomas R. Decker, who is the New York field office director, stated that “These policies embolden gang members, such as Lemus-Najarro, to brazenly commit crimes in this city without fear of repercussion. It’s unfortunate that the lives and safety of the citizens they have been elected to protect are second to those of the criminal aliens. ICE detainers are an important tool this agency uses to remove violent criminals from our communities.”

This new breed of Democratic leadership is blatantly anti-American. They forget that this is “one nation under God.” It is not a nation divided. They are a party that is pro-terror and anti-law. Joe Biden may think he is in a good place regarding the election. But the tsunami is coming from President Trump, and Biden will be swept away in a major Republican victory in a few short months.