Homicides in Chicago Drop 45% after Trump Steps In


All around the country, America has seen some of the worst crime rates on record this summer as leaders in our cities have pandered to mobs of the political left.

Chicago has been particularly dangerous as her Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot, allowed the idea of defunding law enforcement to be pushed through her city. However, it seems they are finally getting back on track.

According to Fox News and local law enforcement, the month of August saw a massive reduction in both homicides and shootings.

“Homicides and shootings reported last month in Chicago were down from a month ago, according to data collected by Chicago police. The 63 murders reported in August was a 45% decrease from July, while the number of shootings decreased by 15%, Chicago police said in a news release Tuesday.”

So what has changed in the last month?

Well, it seems the city has decided that ignoring the crimes of the leftist mob, as well as defunding the police, hasn’t really gotten them anywhere but worse off. And so, Chicago is now actually enforcing their laws and locking criminals up.

According to Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown, two new citywide law enforcement plans – Community Safety Team and Critical Incident Response Team – are thought to have had a major influence on these numbers.

But one other thing has changed with Chicago’s law enforcement as well.

Remember when President Trump offered to help Lightfoot get her city back under control? If you do, you’ll recall that she rejected his offer initially. However, after another few weeks of unspeakable violence and murder, including the shootings of several more children, Lightfoot was forced to take his help in late July.

Since then, Trump has sent 150 or so federal officers into Chicago as part of a larger plan to rid our cities of major crime.

It is called Operation Legend, and according to NBC Chicago, it has helped to bring down violent crime in several American cities since its creation in early July after the death of LeGend Taliferro, who was killed in Kansas City.

In Chicago, so far, over 60 people have been arrested and charged with serious crimes.

“At least 61 people have bee charged with federal crimes in Chicago under the new “Operation Legend,” which brought federal agents to the city in a plan to violent crime. Attorney General William Barr said those charged face accusations related to firearms, narcotics, and bank fraud…”

The mission has also helped to deteriorate crime circles in cities such as Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, Memphis, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. According to Barr, over 1,000 individuals have been arrested in the combined cities, and 217 of those charged with federal crimes.

For Detroit Police Chief James Craig, the federal help and reduction of crime have been “welcomed.” He noted to the press that the stricter punishment that usually coincides with federal charges seems to be bringing down crime significantly in the city and, in so doing, is making a “difference in our community” in making it safer for everyone.

And this only makes sense. More arrests and serious charges leveled gives criminals, and even those who commit lighter crimes, more reason to rethink their actions. When a multitude of their “co-workers” are getting caught and punished, they just aren’t as likely to run the streets looking for trouble. The risks are simply too significant.

One only needs to look at places like Portland, Oregon, or even the Chicago of July, to see this as truth.

In Portland, criminals might initially be arrested, but they are immediately set free – no cash bail required. What this does is let criminals know that their crimes won’t be taken seriously, leaving them virtually free to do as they please. And so they do.

As a result, the northwestern metropolis has a rising crime rate, not a decreasing one. In fact, police agencies surrounding the Portland area have even refused to help the city out, knowing that any work they do to bring back safety will have no lasting effects.

As we can clearly see, law enforcement must be present for a city and community to thrive. Unfortunately, Chicago had to learn that the hard way, but at least they are on a better path now.