Guess Who Showed up To Biden’s Michigan Campaign Rally? Trump Supporters


Joe Biden has seemed content to hide in his basement for the duration of the campaign cycle. That’s probably the best bet for the Democratic party. Any time he is allowed to speak in public, terrible things happen. Well, now that the riots are finally doing damage to their polling numbers, Biden is being asked to leave home and actually campaign.

The man openly supported NAFTA but now he thinks that the people of Michigan want to hear what he has to say. Biden claimed to be in Michigan to speak about new “offshoring” policies. Once he arrived in the state of Michigan, he was greeted by an unexpected party. Trump supporters decided to stop by and make their presence felt.

When they started waving their flags, Biden had to start becoming fearful. This was supposed to be his moment and now it was being hijacked by people who are not there to listen to what he has to say. In addition to the flags, they unleashed a “four more years!” chant. That’s right, Sleepy Joe. You’re not the president just yet, no matter what the mainstream media might be telling you.

The photos that have been taken of the two candidates’ most recent rallies tell a very interesting story. The attendance for the most recent Trump rally was through the roof. A recent rally that was held in an airport hangar did not even provide enough room for the crowd. An overflow crowd had to spend the rally waiting outside of the hangar to see President Trump.

Biden’s rally with 3 supporters
Trump Rally

Now, take a closer look at the pictures from the last Biden rally. How are we supposed to believe what the polls are saying when we have photographic evidence? This jibes with what we have already been saying for months. It’s hard to measure the true level of enthusiasm for Trump when the Democrats are doing everything in their power to make everyone stay at home.

Trump supporters are not going to listen to the Democrats who are trying to convince everyone that we need to be voting from home. They want to head to the polls like any other election year. Biden’s voters are not going to attend rallies or do anything to support their candidate that goes deeper than harassing people on the Internet.

We have come a long way over the past four years. Remember all of the bellyaching that took place over the size of Trump’s crowds during the inauguration proceedings? That seems like it happened so long ago. Those doctored photos were supposed to provide proof of Trump’s flagging appeal but now, the truth is coming out.

His supporters are not going to allow the mainstream media to keep them from attending his rallies or turning out to vote for him. While Biden’s voters are all sitting at home, waiting for their ballots to arrive, Trump supporters will be taking to the streets for their candidate. That’s the way that it has always been and that is the way that it should be kept.

Anyone who has spent any time paying attention to this race is not going to be surprised by what they see. There was never any doubt in our minds. One party has a candidate that is trying their absolute best to win the election without ever having to leave their basement. One party has a candidate that is doing everything in their power to get outside and meet with people more directly.

It’s not hard for people to tell which candidate actually has their best interests at heart. The folks who are still willing to blindly follow Biden are not taking the big picture into account. Thanks to these pictures, we now have all of the proof that we need that our candidate is still the one to beat. Your move, Sleepy Joe. Try your best not to doze off at the wheel.