Biden Goes Silent With His Stance on Supreme Court Matters


The death of the Supreme Court Justice has only added to the 2020 pandemonium that is defining the year. People will look back on the year and blame the Democrats for all of the trouble that they have been through. The nasty liberals have threatened to pack the court with new judges if the president was to appoint a new judge to replace the former. They fear that there would be too many conservative judges.

Joe Biden is a Democrat to the core. His values mirror those of the progressive branch of his party. The scary part of Biden is his refusal to give direct answers. He hides behind vague answers and the shifting of thoughts to other subjects. He does this so he will not have to answer for anything he said in the future.

Biden believed that packing the court was not something that should be done as he served under Obama’s terror. But his reluctance to mention his stance now shows that he may be considering the move because of his party’s pressures. Biden is not a strong leader. He is easily influenced by the very ones that are prepping him before each speech.

When Biden gets silent when he is asked a question, it signals that he does not know how to answer. His mind is just too far gone with dementia to be fit to run a country. He has no business, even considered a presidential candidate, because his health is just not good enough. But that may very well be what they want to have happened so Harris can step in and take over.

When Biden was asked the question on his view of stacking the court, he decided to tell the person that he was not going to answer that question. His refusal to answer a simple question shows that he has ulterior motives as to what he wants to do. In all reality, he has to consult with his bosses before making a definite decision on what to say.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death created a massive hole in the Democratic Party. They no longer had their beloved justice to echo their liberal sentiments. The only reason that the Democrats would try and pack the court is to be able to get a majority of votes so they could do whatever they want to do illegally to America.

This is their only recourse to combat the conservatives. It is their way of crying that they are not getting their way. Biden also stated that answering the question would just be what the president would want him to do. The Democrats are now resorting to second-guessing their actions because of President Trump may or may not say about them.

The president has the liberals so off-balance that they cannot tell which way is up. Biden’s hypothetical confusion came out as he stated that “Let’s say I answer, then the whole debate’s gonna be about what Biden said or didn’t say. Biden said he would or wouldn’t. The discussion should be about why [Trump] is moving in a direction that is totally inconsistent with what the founders wanted.” Biden needs to wake up and realize that is what he needs to do is answer questions. When he faces the president in a debate, he will not give the stupid answers he has become known for.

Biden cannot answer the question because he has forgotten where he stands. Just one year ago, he stated, “I’m not prepared to go on and try to pack the court, because we’ll live to rue that day. I don’t think you can start to fool around with changing the structure of the Constitution legislatively. We tried the court-packing piece under Roosevelt. Even the Democrats opposed it at the time.”

The country cannot afford to have Biden as its president. He is too much of a threat to security and the prosperity of the people. His party is about removing freedoms that are guaranteed by the founding documents. The Democrats do not adhere to them, so they try and ignore them as much as possible.