Anti-Police Mob Learns Why the Police Exist After Attacking Politician


Democrats all over the country have the motto that if a person cannot be forced into compliance, then it is time to beat them into submission. Rioters all over the country are proving this point.

When a person objects to the terrorist’s behavior, they are shot in cold blood. There is never any warning or reason presented. The Democrat pulls out their gun and shoots the conservative.

Poor Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky found this out as a “crazed mob” ran him down after leaving the White House. The mob of over 100 people seemed to wait for Paul to show up so they could kill him.

These selfish Democrats cannot compete with the man, so they tried to get rid of him once and for all. They need to get rid of their opposition so they can enact their socialist ways on every person.

Paul immediately took to the social media pathways to alert his base of what was going on. He wrote that he “Just got attacked by an angry mob of over 100, one block away from the White House,. Thank you to @DCPoliceDept for literally saving our lives from a crazed mob.”

Rand Paul is a man that supports the police, so it totally acceptable for him to deserve their protection. The Democrats should never benefit from their protection since they are trying to harm them and defund their agencies. But as soon as they are attacked, they scream for the police to come.

These insane monsters chase Paul as he was returning to his hotel. The police escort certainly has their work cut out for them as the mob pressed in. What is truly unique is the heart of Rand Paul.

He is the one being attacked, yet he cares for one officer’s safety that was nearly pushed over. But in one video, Paul can be seen helping him stay on his feet.

Any other Democrat would have pushed the officer to the ground to save their skin. Paul and his wife made it back to their hotel safely. But the crowd was more than they deserved.

Paul is a significant supporter of the United States and ensures that things are done right and freedoms are protected. For him to be attacked by this mob just shows how ignorant and uniformed these rioters have become.

President Trump was giving his acceptance speech during the riot happening outside the White House. The police had set up special fencing to keep these people away from the area. Protestors were yelling things like “No justice, no peace!” and “Join us!” Trying to get people to join up with the dark side.

No one cares about the signs they were holding or the drums that they were beating on. They are a bunch of terrorist cells, hurting people while taking things that do not belong to them.

This was not a group of peaceful people. They had pictures of devices that were designed to kill people. Given a chance, they would have taken Paul and anyone else they could get out of the city to the execution place. Democrats would instead murder their opposition than talk to them with the hopes of working together for the common good of the country.

There is just no end to the violence that BLM brings with them. They target everyone, and it no longer matters what happens as long as destruction occurs. One elderly couple was simply out for a walk, and they were harassed and attacked by rioters. As if they had anything to do with what was supposedly happening around them.

The only thing the Democrats have left to fight with is a microphone. The gathering intended to drown out the speech made by President Trump. And even that ended up flopping back into the faces of the miserable Democrats.

The liberals in America cannot seem to do anything right. Everything they have touched over the past four years has failed and has been an embarrassment to them. President Trump has succeeded in being the president that people needed him to be.