VP Pence Drops Truth Bomb About Biden in Heartfelt Speech


Vice President Mike Pence is a silent hero as he has backed up the president and the mission to buildup America for the past four years.

During his speech at the Republican National Convention, he made the perfect case for why Donald Trump needs another four years in the White House and why sleepy Joe Biden would be the end of America as it is known today. The danger that Biden presents to the security of the country is enormous.

Pence stated that “you won’t be safe in Joe Biden’s America.” Biden has never said one word against the violence that has swept through the country. He has never once backed securing the borders. They only thing he has done is to empower violent people and cater to criminals.

Pence knows what Americans want when he stated that “We will have law and order on the streets of this country.” The optimism that defined Pence’s speech was designed to create enthusiasm and excitement heading into the last few months of the election period.

The message that has long since defined the Trump campaign has been, “Joe Biden would be nothing more than a trojan horse for a radical left. The choice in this election has never been clearer and the stakes have never been higher.” The security of America is at stake.

Biden and his band of witch hunters want nothing more than to turn America into a failed socialist state. The foundations on which America was built must be preserved at all costs. Biden is weak and sloppy. He would simply turn the country over to the progressive left just to appease their voting base.

Pence stated that the president had put this country on a path to greatness. He has sought to protect the freedoms of all Americans. But Biden “would set America on a path of socialism and decline. But we’re not going to let it happen.”

What was truly remarkable about his speech was the fact that it built up Americans. The Democrats tore America down for a full week. They have their true nature come out, and it will be their undoing.

There is no doubt that both men, Trump and Pence, fully support law enforcement. Pence showed his support as he stated that “President Trump and I know the men and women that put on the uniform of law enforcement are the best of us. They put their lives on the line every day. The American people know we don’t have to choose between supporting law enforcement and standing with African-American neighbors to improve the quality of life in our cities and towns.”

The vast majority of African American people in the country know that the division that is being presented by BLM does not exist. They are a minority trying to be bigger than they are.

Biden is a man that racist to the core. He hates minorities and tells people that the police are going to hurt them instead of supporting them.

For Biden, the line to save lives is based on the racial definition. He would like to see BLM continue their violent rampage and Planned Parenthood to continue killing babies. It is his party that has created his talking points.

Biden and the rest of the Democrats cannot debate or defend any known issue because they have lost every category for the past four years. So, they sent out their mobs to create topics, so they have something to push on people fervently. COVID-19 really never turned out the way they hoped it would.

What really drives the liberals nuts is what Pence stated about the country. He said that “despite unrelenting opposition and obstruction from the Swamp in Washington, we built the greatest economy in the world. We made America great again!”

Every nation around the world is still suffering after the virus ran through. But American is thriving and is growing again. But the liberals and Democrats do not want that information getting out. Biden and his puppet masters are the actual threats that Americans face. He will be the end of the nation if he is voted into the Oval Office.