Trump Supporters Try for World Record for Largest Boat Parade


Due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, just about everything this year is different. And it being an election year makes no difference. With social distancing required and lockdowns still in place in certain states and regions, things like rallies in support of one candidate or another are pretty much impossible, if not wise or safe, given the fast-spreading virus.

But don’t think for a second that Trump supporters are getting to let that get them down.

Instead of participating in the more traditional rally, supporters of our president are still finding ways to make known their support and do it with thousands of others. They just had to think out of the box a little bit.

Enter the boat parade.

Now, I know boat parades are nothing really new. In places with plenty of readily available water access and watercraft, such as Florida, they have been a tradition of sorts for numerous causes over the years.

Trump supporters are just taking this idea to a whole new level.

Saturday, off the coasts of Clearwater Beach, Florida, was the biggest one yet, or at least it has the possibility to be. In fact, it’s entirely possible it could soon hold the world record as the biggest float parade in history.

As you can see from the video footage, hundreds of boats gathered on Saturday to honor our president and show him support, all of them sporting a “Trump 2020” flag, stickers, and various other pro-Trump memorabilia.

One of the event’s organizers, Cliff Gehart, reported to WTVT-TV out of Tampa that he had more than 1,600 people who had registered and paid for the event. In addition, he guessed that there were around 2,000 boats of some sort included in the boat parade.

At this time, it is unknown if this particular parade beat the world record holder, as officials from Guinness World Records will first have to review the footage taken of the event in-depth, according to WTVT.

Currently, the world record is held by Malaysia, where 1,180 boats converged off the port of Kemaman, Malaysia to celebrate Malaysia Day on September 13, 2014.

And while this might be the largest one, it certainly isn’t the only one that has been held in Trump’s honor over the last few years. In fact, they are becoming so popular that they even have a special name: a “Trumptilla,” which is derived from the Spanish word for fleet or convoy with Trump’s name added for a unique twist.

Last weekend alone, there were three Trumptillas that we knew of – this massive one in Florida, one on Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey, and another on Lake George in New York.

Near the beginning of the month, another Trumptilla was held in the Hamptons, where Donald Trump Jr and girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle met up with Carlos Gavidia and his wife. Gavidia, as well as being an avid Trump fan, is also a COVID-19 survivor.

But I bet you didn’t hear much about any of these, did you?

Why? Well, that would go directly against the media’s narrative that no one likes Trump. It would also point out that while literally thousands gather to support Trump, nothing even remotely similar is happening for Joe Biden.

We don’t see boat parades being held in his honor. There are no “Biden 2020” flags by the hundreds being flown about. Hell, he couldn’t even a turn out for his big VP announcement.

In fact, according to a new study done by the Pew Research Center, most Biden supporters don’t even like him.

Per the study, only 19 percent of those who say they support Biden do so because of his perceived leadership skills. And even less, a mere nine percent, give his policies and platform positions as the reason they will vote for him. Additionally, only 16 percent even said they would be excited if he won in November.

So what does the majority say about why they are voting for Biden? I bet you can guess.

If you said, ‘because he’s not Trump,’ you’d be right.

According to the study, a full 56 percent of all Biden supporters said they would vote for him because he isn’t Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters actually like their candidate. They support his policies, they respect his leadership, and they don’t give a rat’s ass about who he isn’t. All that matters is who he is and what he can do for America.