The National Anthem: It’s About History Not Equality


The cancel culture is coming for our national anthem. The very song that helps to define us as a nation. Of course, the Dems don’t want to define us, they want to divide us.

According to the liberal frenzy, the anthem isn’t about equality because it was written by a racist. Francis Scott Key may or may not have been racist. It seems that if the Dems want to dig enough, they’ll claim that everyone was – including Abe Lincoln. But we’re digressing…

The Star-Spangled Banner has been the national anthem since 1931. It has helped to see us through the thick and the thin – world wars, the bombing of 9/11, and so much more.

It plays on the loudspeakers of every military base across the nation. It is sung at the beginning of every baseball game. It’s even taught in elementary schools. Why? It is our national anthem. It helps to define us as Americans.

The words are powerful. We have “brought stripes and bright stars” to recognize our flag. We have the “rocket’s red glare” and the “bombs bursting in air” to show the celebration of victory.

We are the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave.”

The song is the perfect way to round up who we are as Americans. Nothing tries to divide us within the song. We are free – slavery was a long time ago and the freedom is true for every citizen. We are the home of the brave – willing to go up against anything that tries to hinder our freedom.

There’s nothing about color, race, or politics. It is simply a song that we sing because every country must have a national anthem.

Yet, that’s not good enough for the cancel culture. They don’t want us to use the song because a supposed racist wrote it. So, rather than focusing on the history of the song and what the words signify, they want to focus on equality. 

Somehow, we’ve been singing the song for nearly seven decades and it’s no longer acceptable because of the person who wrote the words?

Is there an alternative? Well, yeah, ummm…that’s the problem with the Dems. They’re troublemakers. They want to cancel something without offering an alternative.

Today’s society is about canceling anything that is going to offend someone. Name a song. Any song. Someone will find something offensive about it.

If the liberals aren’t careful, we’re going to end up with the Hokey Pokey as our national anthem – until someone decides they don’t want to turn themselves around.

If the Star-Spangled Banner gets the axe, there’s no telling what we’d have. We’d probably be one of those countries without an anthem since no one would be able to agree on a replacement.

It’s not as if this is the first time people have come to change the anthem. Only this time, their reasonings are poor. In the past, people wanted to change it because it’s hard to sing. Most people can’t hit the high note of the “land of the freeeeee” and even Frank Sinatra called it a “terrible piece of music.”

But it’s tradition, so we left it alone.

Others have wanted to get rid of it because it’s not very American. It’s British through and through. Okay, then what do we change it to? Some have pointed to “Imagine” but that was written by John Lennon, a Brit.

How about this? How about we leave the song alone because it’s a war song. It may not be the best song out there but it’s our song. There’s a lot of history attached to it. Plus, it’s kind of fun to see which celebrities will sing it next and how many can nail the high notes without sending Americans cringing and covering their ears.

Love it or hate it, it’s our anthem and it needs to be defended.