So, You Want to Carry a Gun? Learn How to Stand Your Ground


The Dems don’t get it. It’s not about, “oh, you can’t come for our guns.” It’s all about wanting guns to be able to stand our ground. It’s not only a second amendment right, it’s what makes us American.

Let’s set the record straight: there’s a big difference between legal and illegal gun ownership. The Dems think that they want to outlaw all guns because ‘guns bad.’ No. It’s about illegal gun ownership. Illegal guns are what kills. Illegal guns are responsible for the shootings and the acts of terrorism. And banning that kind of activity is already banned – because shooting people for no reason is against the law anyway.

So, stand your ground. It’s an actual law that makes it possible to use lethal force to defend themselves or others. Someone coming at you with a gun or knife? You have the right to shoot to kill.

Having a gun allows you to stand your ground. It ensures that you have the means to protect yourself.

Especially in a country where the Dems now want to fight to defund the police, who will protect you? If someone is breaking into your home, trying to attack a relative, or do whatever else, you need to know that you can defend yourself using the necessary level of force to stop the bad from happening.

Not all states have a “stand your ground” law in place. It shouldn’t come as any shock that some of the most Democratic-run states don’t have this. They want the residents to live in constant fear, depending on the police that aren’t going to come. California – no law in place. Illinois, again, sorry. What about New York? Ha, nope.

It’s the hard-core conservative states like Texas, Florida and Arizona that are going to allow the stand your ground laws – and they need to be passed around the country because they go hand in hand with the second amendment.

Consider this. The Dems want to take your guns. They want to defund the police. They think everything will be more peaceful that way. What they fail to take into consideration is that some people are inherently evil. And, today’s liberals are all about the cancel culture – and will get violent with those who disagree with what they want to cancel.

So, the stand your ground laws are an important part of our freedoms. They are what will keep us safe when the liberal laws fail us one too many times.

Now, most states that have a ‘stand your ground law’ also have a ‘duty to retreat’ stance, too. It means you can’t shoot to kill when there is the option of walking away or avoiding the risk of harm or death by removing yourself from the situation. You are only authorized to use deadly force when it is absolutely necessary.

It comes down to this: you shouldn’t have to choose between getting attacked or going to jail.

The Dems want to remove these kinds of rights so that the country is entirely dependent on them. It ensures that they dictate what threats are and are not acceptable. First, they take the guns. Then, they take away the cops. Finally, they change the laws to fit their agendas. Only, that won’t work with the conservatives who know all too well that it’s important to defend one’s self.

Carrying a gun is a right. Knowing how to use a gun is a skill that should be honed. Standing your ground is a way to ensure that you’re able to defend yourself when no one else is around to do it for you.

Knowing the laws and how they protect are critical, especially in the cancel culture where the libs want to change everything because they’re too scared to face the reality of the world we live in. Getting rid of the guns and the cops are what makes the country more dangerous, not less.