Portland Rioter Begging for Money Because Prison is too Much for Him


Black Lives Matter and Antifa still are trying to take over the country. But the problem they are now facing is that President Trump has had enough of their childish behavior. The president has set in motion Operation Legend which allows federal agents to enter into significant cities and arrest lawbreakers for rioting and breaking federal law.

The action taken by the president is making a big difference. There have already been over a thousand terrorists arrested, and hundreds of them are charged with federal crimes. These are now people that will fill the cells of federal prisons, and they will get to hang out with real criminals.

Federal agents are taking to video surveillance to identify the people who are doing the damage and harming people. One such man is Marquise Love. Federal agents want him for the attack on a man at a violent demonstration in Portland, OR.

Love attacked Adam Haner blocks away from a Black Lives Matter riot. Love has gone on the run, trying to keep himself from being arrested. He knows that he is going to prison for a long time because of his violent attack. He did not think through his action before attacking Haner.

Love is without money and needs help because he has taken to social media crying like a little baby for people to give him money. He is publicly asking for people to aid a known criminal. No one in their right mind will risk going to prison to help a man who beat to death another man.

Like all criminals, Love is telling people that he did nothing wrong. It must be the fault of the other man that he beat up. Love would tell people that Haner took Love’s hand and hit himself with it.

Love was stoked with adrenaline as the BLM riot took place. In the heat of the moment, he saw his victim and decided to beat him unconscious. He saw Haner as a racist person and took it upon himself to beat him for his views.

Love honestly believes that it is legal to beat racist people. Love states that he “Might go to jail for murder tonight for a racist when all I did was fight him. Look it up on Twitter put money on my books and come see me.” He needs money to continue to hide for his crimes.

The truth of the story is that Love came up behind Haner while he is kneeling and kicks him right in the face. Love is the aggressor, and Haner is the victim. The sick part about the story is that Haner was said to be helping another person because she was in the process of being mugged.

While he was helping her, the BLM mob started coming their way, which forced Haner to get in his truck and leave the area. During the drive, he would get in a crash and would be dragged out of his vehicle and attacked by the mob.

Love took Haner out of his vehicle and proceeded to beat to death a hero that was trying to help another person who was being attacked. Love’s actions were not looked on very favorably by social media because no one approves of his motives.

People are sick and tired of the violence coming from crybabies like Love. No one is going to go to his aid. Not only is he wanted for this crime, but he has been arrested for other crimes dating back to 2012. He has a criminal and violent history.

Love knows that this is the last straw for him. He is going to federal prison for his role in a violent attack at a riot where public property was destroyed. Federal agents are going to put him in a cell with a real criminal where he will learn what it means to be on the receiving end of the fist. His actions are demonstrative of those in the Democratic Party who whine and cry when they do not get what they want.