Michelle Obama Dropped the Ball by Pre-Recording Her Speech


If she can’t be bothered to speak live, we can’t be bothered to consider Biden.

As a former First Lady, Michelle Obama should have given a speech that was a lot more powerful than it was. She didn’t go live. In fact, she didn’t even mention Kamala Harris. What’s up with that? Oh, well it was taped a little while ago. At least by a few weeks.

Well, glad to know that the DNC Convention was at the top of her list of priorities.

She was a highly anticipated speaker. She is the one who spoke about her party where “We go high.” Yet, she didn’t go high when it came to talking on behalf of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

It’s clear that she wasn’t too interested in giving the speech. There’s a black VP and yet Michelle Obama couldn’t muster up enough excitement to re-record her speech to even acknowledge Harris.

Jake Tapper of CNN broke it down to identify when it was that Obama recorded her segment. Obviously, it was before Harris was selected as the running mate. Several Obama aides have told that to CNN. Okay, but Harris was named a week ago. Even then, she made mention of COVID deaths – and she was off by 20,000.

Typically, you appear live for these sorts of things. Given the pandemic, it was going to be virtual anyway. So, no travel. All you had to do was appear for a few minutes and talk. Okay, so maybe there was a conflict for that night. Sure. So, the segment should have been recorded maybe a day or two before. But, no. It was made well over a week before the night of the DNC convention.

So, if we’re supposed to take Biden’s candidacy as seriously as Michelle Obama, the DNC is in big trouble. The former First Lady is still living off of the government. She had one job to do – give a speech at the DNC. She couldn’t be bothered to do anything that was recent enough to include mention of the actual VP. Kamala Harris should be livid at this point.

With Obama being the first black First Lady, she should be supportive of, potentially, the first black VP.

The 18-minute speech that Michelle Obama gives is hardly inspiring. She talks about how she “loves this country with all my heart” and how the country is going through a lot right now. She also talks a lot about what happened four years ago.

She demonstrates that she’s more bitter about how Trump lost the popular vote by nearly three million votes than being excited about the vice-presidential candidate.

Obama would rather talk about the popular vote and how some people may not have come out to the voting centers four years ago because they didn’t think that their vote would count.

As a First Lady, she should know that it’s about the Electoral College and not the popular vote. Otherwise, only New York City and California would be deciding who our president was every four years.

“Going high is the only thing that works” is what she says after talking about how others are willing to go so low. Now, that’s funny. Especially since she just spent the past four minutes going low about talking about President Trump.

But she has to cover her bases. She has proven that she’s a Dem through and through. She says one thing and does another. She talks about going high but in the next breath, takes a low blow toward Trump.

Obama also talks about how Biden was a great vice president. He can help the economy and the pandemic. But what about the BLM violence? What about the riots? That’s what people really want to hear about. Oh, yeah, she couldn’t bother to talk about that.

Michelle Obama’s speech wasn’t needed. It was 18 minutes of fluff that echoed what everyone else said. The only thing we really learned from Obama is that she was clearly too busy for the DNC this year and doesn’t really care about it or the appointment of Kamala Harris to the ticket.