Is Trump’s Reelection Bid Doomed Amid the Democrats’ Push for More Violence and Riots?


According to the latest Rasmussen reports, the presidential race is essentially a dead heat. The Biden campaign may have believed that they were putting a decent amount of space between themselves and President Trump, but the opposite is true. The current president was able to pick up 10 points in the polls over the course of the last week, closing the gap with ease.

Trump had fallen behind in the polls, facing one of his biggest deficits to date. He still trails Biden by roughly 3 percent, but this is well within the margin for error in this poll. Now that Trump and Pence are getting the country ready for “The Great American Comeback” and Wall Street is bouncing back in anticipation of a vaccine, the numbers are starting to reflect these changes.

The president is also pushing the rule of law and promising to restore order, which is music to the ears of those who are tired of the rioting. Rasmussen surveys have always been touted by Trump, as they are able to count the most likely voters and are considered a great source of information about the voting habits of adults.

It’s considered to be more accurate than the Gallup polls that other politicians rely upon. While Biden is polling at 47 percent and Trump is polling at 44 percent, 5 percent of voters are aligned with a candidate that is not being named. We doubt that it is Kanye West, but you can’t rule anything out in 2020. His ardent fans might decide to write him in, even though he’s already dropped out.

There is speculation that this could be the first election where a third-party candidate is able to take home a significant percentage of the vote. That has to concern Trump and Biden, neither of whom knows where the threat may be coming from. The Democrats should be shaking over the latest news, though. They need to put a significant amount of space between themselves and Trump before the election arrives.

If the polls are showing a dead heat now, things are only going to get worse for them later. Four percent of the respondents are still undecided on who they are going to vote for, so this is something that both candidates are going to want to keep in mind. The liberals are probably already having flashbacks to the polls that were taking place before the last election.

As we recall, those polls were telling the liberals that everything was going to be okay. Hillary was supposed to win in a rout and the Trump threat was supposedly nonexistent. We all see how that one turned out. The polls are already claiming that Trump and Biden are tied, so that bodes well for the current president come November.

Biden had better start preparing his concession speech now. Things are not going to end well for him. He had the chance to use the pandemic to his advantage and was unable to create any meaningful space between himself and Trump. Can you imagine how much worse it would have been if Biden had been able to travel and give speeches like he does during a normal election year?

The Biden beating is only going to worsen if there are televised debates. We’re not sure why there wouldn’t be. This is something that can be accomplished with relative ease, even if the social distancing guidelines are still in place. The Democrats are going to do everything in their power to make sure that this does not happen.

They’re already in the process of trying to coerce the rest of America into going along with their mail in voting scheme. They don’t seem to realize that everyone else has caught onto their idea and they are not having any of it. 

Either way, our popcorn is ready, and we cannot wait to see how these next few months unfold for Biden and his cronies.