GOP Challenger In Baltimore Releases Ad Attacking Decades Of Dem Rule


For years it has been assumed that if you’re black, you’re also a Democrat. It’s been kind of an unwritten rule, or at least it seems to be among many in the Democratic Party. However, as Kimberly Klacik of Baltimore, Maryland is proving: “Black people don’t have to vote Democrat.”

Klacik is running for Maryland’s 7th Congressional District, which includes a good portion of the once beautiful and historic city of Baltimore. Now, given that the district has voted Democrat since 1953 and has one of the highest populations of Democrats in the nation – at 68 percent – it would easy to assume that Klacik has no chance at winning, as she is most certainly not a Democrat.

However, as her most recent campaign ad proves, her city is in need of serious change, and it doesn’t look like it will come from the Democrats.

According to her campaign bio, she is “pro-Trump,” “anti-Squad,” and has “zero tolerance for corruption.” She is also pro-term limits in Congress and against lifelong pensions. Since moving to Baltimore in 2010 after becoming engaged to her husband, she began a nonprofit known as “Potential Me,” which seeks to “assist underserved women with workforce development,” according to her campaign site.

It is through her work helping Baltimore less advantaged women that she has learned the truth of the city’s leadership: that they don’t care about Black lives or their communities. And that’s saying a lot considering Baltimore is estimated to have a population of over 60 percent Black Americans.

Klacik’s most recent campaign ad pinpoints the failures of Baltimore’s past and current leadership by noting the destruction and poverty that thrives within the city and that no seems to do anything about it.

The ad titled, “Black Lives Don’t Matter to Democrats” features her walking through the streets of the city. But it’s not the classical historic part of town most politicians flaunt. Instead, it is the portion of Baltimore that “Democrats don’t want you to see.”

As she walks past dilapidated homes and businesses with trash strewn everywhere, Klacik says that Dems are “scared that I’m exposing what life is like Democrat-run cities.” But that’s precisely why “I’m running for Congress.”

The fiery Republican goes on to note that Baltimore has been under Democratic leadership for some 53 years and asks what do they have to show for it.

Instead of a metropolis that is thriving and its citizens are proud of, Baltimore is well-known to be within the top five most dangerous cities in the country, due to its murder rate being over ten times the national average. In addition, it has a poverty rate of over 20 percent and drug, alcohol, and homicide rates that only continue to skyrocket.

Klacik points to this as proof that the Democrats don’t care about black lives. If they did, they would be doing something about these problems. But they aren’t.

Instead, they are pushing for things like “defund the police,” which, as several people in Klacik’s video claim, will only make things worse.

One woman noted that she’s had three sons killed in the city due to violence, and she believes if they defund the police, “it’s going to be worse than that.” Another person asked how they would defend themselves and their community with no police funding.

Klacik challenges her viewers to name one “blue city where Black peoples’ lives have gotten better.” Don’t worry, “I’ll wait.”

She’ll wait because she knows it will be difficult for you to come up with one.

In nearly every major Democratically-ran city in the US, Black communities suffer more than most. In fact, Klacik claims the “worst place for a black person to live in America is a Democrat-controlled city.” Democrats can claim black lives matter all they want, and even put on mass protests in that name, but the proof is in the poverty rates and the “crumbling infrastructure,” as Klacik calls it.

“Democrats think Black people are stupid. They think that they can control us forever. That we won’t demand better and that we will keep voting for them forever, despite what they’ve done to our families and our communities.”

She is begging you and me to prove them wrong. “Because All Black Lives Matter. Baltimore Matters.”