Forget It, It’s Canceled: The Problem with the Cancel Culture


C’mon, cancel something. Boycott a hard-earning American company because they say something you don’t agree with. Everyone’s doing it. It’s the cancel culture, and you’re not cool unless you’re canceling something that has been around for longer than you have.

Welcome to the cancel culture, where everything gets canceled for no good reason.

In today’s society, it’s possible to cancel anything and everything because one person finds it offensive. Innocent lives are ruined, and people get bullied because there’s a new sheriff in town – liberals who don’t know their history who depend on mob justice to get the job done. 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other crazed liberals will often find a company and target them because of their beliefs. Is this the way that America should function? Of course not. 

However, if a company’s CEO has the audacity to identify that they voted for Trump or a high school kid agrees with the GOP, they’re bullied. They’re torn apart on social media.

Companies and stores have been on the receiving end of liberal boycotts as a way to “prove a point.” That point, apparently, is to make sure that you don’t have a thought on your own. You must follow the mob mentality or lose your business along the way.

The liberals have managed to go into a frenzy to cancel out everything that we once knew and loved. The “okay” symbol you make with your hand? Canceled because it’s a sign of white supremacy. 

The statues that tell our history? Canceled because they show racism. The national anthem? Also racist, and not American because it was written using the Queen’s English.

There are countless examples of the cancel culture hard at work.

Often, those who are in the process of canceling something cannot even provide a reason. When they’re stopped in the streets, they don’t know why it is that they’re doing something. They’re following the culture blindly because “someone” told them to do it. They don’t actually find anything offensive, but they’re also desperate to fit in.

Perhaps the most terrifying part of the cancel culture isn’t the fact that the liberals will cancel out a company or a community. They’ll cancel out individuals. They will ruin an entire person’s life on social media without a second thought.

That’s taking bullying to the extreme, and yet they don’t find anything wrong with it. People have dressed in costume only to be cyber-bullied. People have made comments only to have it misinterpreted.

Make no mistake. The cancel culture isn’t about free speech. If it were free speech, people wouldn’t be cancelled for saying what the other side doesn’t want to hear. The liberals are the ones doing all of the canceling. 

They’re the ones running the cancel culture. So, if anything, the liberals want free speech while monitoring the conservatives to ensure that the “wrong” things aren’t being said.

America is no longer a free country for as long as the libs want to run with the cancel culture. As conservatives, we can’t even speak openly without fear of being canceled – being shunned by our peers and canceled out of society.

The internet has made it even more terrifying to speak out. Without the internet, the cancel culture wouldn’t be that big of a deal – a few schoolyard bullies and some grassroots efforts to form a boycott. 

But, the internet allows the cancel culture more reach – creating a deafening amount of hate toward whatever or whomever is in the process of being shamed.

The liberals have made it a point to bring back public shaming – probably because they don’t know that history repeats itself. After all, they’re in the process of canceling most of our history, too.

If we didn’t have the internet, the liberals would likely be tarring and feathering people that they didn’t like – and that is the danger of the cancel culture. They’re bullies and they’re taking away our freedoms.