Domestic Terror Group Acting Like Jealous Girlfriend Over Rival Protests in Kenosha


Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and New York all have one thing in common. And that is all of them have rioters and criminals flooding their streets murdering innocent people. They seem to have a monopoly on it because Democrats have empowered the lazy to strike at people that work hard for what they own. For months, these places have boasted themselves in the wicked media as places of chaos and crime.

But now it seems that they are being challenged by an interior town that wants to make their mark on history. Kenosha, WI finally got tired of being left on the sidelines and staged their version of the unlawful attempt to overthrow law and order with chaos and anarchy. All it took was for the police to do their job and violence erupted once again.

Kenosha, WI erupted in violence after a man attempting to hurt people was shot by police. It was the only recourse that they had to put an end to the threat that this man was to the police and other bystanders. And the sad part is when the deed is done and people are safe, crowed quickly turns on the police and brands them as murders for doing their job.

The very next night, the country would watch as Portland erupted again. The violent thugs in both cities seem to compete with each other to see which unlawful group can be worse.

Portland has a long history of violent protests behind them, but they do not want to be outdone by a heartland group of wannabe terrorists. It all comes down to which group wants the devil’s crown the most.

The police have an undesirable job. People hate it when they show up to seemingly spoil the moment and they praise them when they save a life. They have to run into danger to preserve life while at the same time making the hard call to end a life that is threatening to take other life. These are the ranges of decisions that the police have to deal with every day.

When the use of deadly force is warranted is not an easy call to make. Whenever a gun is fired, there is an intensive investigation to determine if it was justified to use. Deadly force can be used if the life of the officer or other people’s lives is at stake. No one else can make that call unless they are the officer holding that gun.

The pathetic people in Portland and the crazy slugs in Kenosha have no clue why such force was used. But their idiotic actions prove that they can never be trusted to make decisions in the face of danger. Antifa and BLM members are the new enemy of the Republic. Their time to be shot has come as they threaten people and their livelihood.

The police also have let people go when the situation is too violent for them to handle. These are times when federal agents or the National Guard should be deployed. But the media never reveals these times. They want violent people to appear as victims. But that is precisely what one would expect from a sold-out media source.

Media agents have been known to get between the police and their beloved Antifa to protect them from being arrested. The media knows that if all the criminals are taken off the streets, they have nothing left to report. It is time to consider the media as an enemy when they interfere in an arrest or step in between the opposing factions.

Both cities have a group of people that seem to compete with each other. Like the Democrats, it is nothing but a game to them. They no longer care about who they hurt or what the march was announced to be for.

They simply run through the streets, killing and looting. No one is going to care at the end of which town was more violent. All people care about is for the safety of the innocent in these crime-filled areas.