Democrats Attempt to Erase American History and Replace it With Racist Lies


Maybe we are being a bit crazy (the pandemic has that effect on people) but we have been watching the progressives act up over the past few weeks and we have questions. 

Why are they all engaged in an endless battle to see who can be more disrespectful towards our nation’s history? It’s almost like they think there’s some sort of contest that they are going to win for behaving in this manner.

While the beginner progressives are content to simply topple statues that are designed to commemorate the Confederacy, the more advanced ones are taking it one step further. 

They find paintings of anyone who ever owned a slave and attack them. Even the Blessed Virgin Mary is not safe from the progressives, who are doing their very best to cancel her as we speak.

These activities are all well and good, we suppose. The progressives get to tear down the statues and feel like they have actually accomplished something. They’re not really doing anything to help the current situation, but no one tell them that. 

Even those who are able to convince various institutions to rename buildings that pay homage to sinners of the past are limited in what they can accomplish.

Caleb Gayle is not interested in any of these half measures. He wrote an op-ed for Time magazine about the matter and it is quite the read. He’s not satisfied with the tearing down of various statues and memorials. 

Gayle has his eyes on a much larger prize. He’s currently eyeing an entire map of the United States, looking for all of the states, cities and bodies of water that need to be renamed.

Any city or body of water that was named after anyone who was involved in the oppression of Native Americans or African Americans is being targeted by Caleb. He grew up just outside of a town in Oklahoma that was actually involved in the very unfairness that he is protesting against. Bixby, Oklahoma was named after a man by the name of Tams Bixby.

Native Americans were displaced by his unfair land allocation policies and this sparked Gayle’s interest in renaming towns of this nature. This name certainly needs to go but he is reminding his readers that he is not going to be stopping there. 

Gayle does have a point when it comes to the idea that we need to be willing to inspect the things that we have never stopped to consider.

In his opinion, we need to be telling the whole story, as opposed to focusing on the parts that make us feel the best. Oklahoma is a state that is filled with these sorts of contradictions. 

The local citizens have never taken the time to investigate their own history and now these chickens are coming home to roost.

Regardless of where you stand on Gayle and his ideas, one thing is for sure. He’s got one long road ahead of him if he’s going to change the name of everything in America that reflects the darker aspects of the nation’s past. The reality of this matter is a simple one: no one even knows the history of these names until they are told about them by people who just Googled it a few seconds ago.

We are going to go out on a huge limb here and say that we highly doubt that there is a secret society full of people who toast to the racists on a daily basis. 

The average person doesn’t have a clue about them unless they are being told by the progressives who want a cookie for learning about it yesterday.

Renaming towns and bodies of water is a tough task and according to Gayle, most of the country would need to be renamed. 

Maybe we can leave well enough alone and start to teach children about the true history of their cities. That would probably keep fully grown adults from feeling like they need to tell the world what they have just learned.