Coronavirus Update: Newsom Set to Prolong Californians Agony


The governor of the messed-up state of California has announced that he plans to start a reopening sequence for the state. While all of the people in the state cheer, some things are going to take them by surprise.

Newsom has already confused much of the state with his ambiguous rules. This latest version will ultimately confuse the people because it is no different than what he has put into place. This is just another way to keep the state from joining with the rest of the country in reopening.

Newsom spouted off at the mouth that “We’re working with local health officers all up and down the state. We’re working on new criteria, more prescriptive criteria, more dynamic criteria, as it relates to our health order statewide, as it relates to reopening business sectors in the state.”

If this new criterion is anything like what is happening in Los Angeles, Californians are in trouble. The forced lockdowns have taken a new turn in their scope. Newsom will let the state open some, but he will force people to comply with the new rules by taking away things they need by way of necessity. People in Los Angeles have their power turned off if they break any of the laws within the city limits.

He has stated that his office has been working with other officials to develop the new laws in what he calls a “spirit of collaboration.” The significant part that the governor is missing is that he is leaving out the general population. He should at least bring in people and let them voice their opinions.

Gavin Newsom finally learned to be careful not to reveal too much of his plan. He does not want people to know the facts because they are going to be illegal, and he does not want to end up in court before the rules can take effect.

Newsom stated that he would reveal the rules soon “With…an understanding that we have today based on what we’ve seen around the world, around the rest of the state and our own experiences going back a number of months.” Anytime he has to qualify his answers, means that they are not going to be accepted.

The idea that he has revealed does point to a waiting period before specific sectors of the state could be opened up. He stated that they would start with a 14-day waiting period and move it to a 21-day waiting period should the situation need the extra time to recover. But there has been no mention of any type of base to measure the recovery. He has left it open to his open speculation and decision.

His announcement has left out key sectors of industry. There has been no mention of how the film and TV production would restart or how labor-based jobs might be affected. To dodge criticism, he stated that “We’ll be making public next week the details of our strategy as it relates to reopening.”

Newsom keeps changing things to keep people off-balance. He continued his rant that “will come from the state of California, and we will assert a frame of clarity and a framework that is adopted in a spirit of cooperation.”

The issue is that some counties have already met up to five of the six old requirements for reopening. So now, Newsom feels he must change things to prolong the current lockdown. These new rules are going to push much of the progress back into the dark ages.

Newsom has set himself up to be a king. He has a socialist approach to ruling and has effectively locked up control of things. He wants to be the one to call all the shots, and there will be no one who will be able to disagree with him. Anyone that disagrees with him will lose power or have their water shutdown.

President Trump is nothing like Newsom. He does not treat people like idiots. He treats them with respect and dignity. He empowers them to have control over their own lives. Newsom takes that control away from people and treats them like they are stupid.