BLM Will Fade into a Bad Memory Soon


The notorious Black Lives Matter group is anything about protecting the lives of people around them. They have no intention of working peacefully to enact social change within organizations to take a look at the kind of treatment people are receiving from employees. 

They intend to do the will of their masters, the Democrats. They desire to turn America into a socialist territory so they can have the riches of other people that were willing to work hard for their livelihood. 

They are a group that will soon be forgotten to the depths of time because they are not making any real difference in the political or national landscape. 

Instead, their people are running all over America and tearing down statues and sculptures of people at random. At first, they cried the police were the problem. They then cried that monuments of slave owners and southern leaders are their problem but none of that has ever been seen in their actions. 

They are randomly tearing down any monument, including those of people who helped free slaves and did a lot to reform the country. They randomly attack people and murder those simply walking through the territory. 

They are no different than the drug cartels of Northern Mexico. They randomly attack villages and target people looking for free money. 

One group of the boisterous Black Lives Matter mob took it upon themselves to install a BLM sculpture in a place where a “slave trader” statue was placed. A month ago, the monument was torn down in a violent demonstration of hatred and intolerance. 

But this time the murderous mob put up their version of what they feel defines their hatred.  The statue was removed by city workers. 

The statue was an image of Jen Reid. But city workers took it down because they did not have permission to erect such an image in place of a sanctioned monument. The New York Times of course gave this story a lot of coverage because they secretly love the Black Lives Matter people. 

The artist that made the statue was hoping that it would be in place to drive conversations about it. The desire for conversation is not bad, but when it is done violently and not in a way that is legally acceptable, then crimes are committed, and people have to answer for their crimes. 

All around the world and largely in America the Black Lives Matter group is doing the work of the taskmasters. Likes slave of old they are pushed to revolt and told what to do by the Democrats. And every crime and protest they have only sought to indenture them further into the slave service of their newfound love. 

The Democrats need chaos as ammunition in the political circle. They have nothing to fight President Trump with. So, they have invented BLM and more pandemic material to scare people and keep the president busy with running the country. But their efforts are failing. 

BLM is going to fade into a distant memory soon enough. Once November comes and goes they will find that they were used by the lousy Democrats as a pawn to gain power. But once they lose the election, the Democrats will spend months licking their wounds while trying to find the next batch of fools to do their bidding.

 History will tell stories of the used mob that did unspeakable crimes, but not once will BLM ever be praised for their actions to reform or change America for the better. 

President Trump is the future of America. The next four years under his leadership is going to be an amazing time. The political pandemic will be a thing of the past and best of all, BLM will be all but forgotten. 

Their socialist demands will continue to fall on deaf ears because their attempt to overthrow the country will fail. People do not want to have anything to do with a group of crybabies that refuse to work for their food. BLM is the first thing that will disappear from the scene once President Trump wins the coming election.