BLM Rioters Still Haven’t Learned That Violence Does Not Pay


Black Lives Matter people have no pattern to their tactic or plans to help institute social reform on the scale that they envision. Their members would rather ransack and loot stores and private property than organize peacefully.

They look for any reason to come out of their jobless worlds to violently attack people and tear apart the fabric of law and order. In this case, a man who was blatantly refused to obey the officers’ commands and was shot as a result.

Police officers all across the country are not trained to shot for the fun of it. They are trained to only shoot a person as a last result. And that person has to be wielding a weapon or poses a threat to the safety of law enforcement officers.

The sad part about the incident is what happens after the shooting. People all over Kenosha, Wi, took to the streets and demanded justice for a man who was violently disturbing the peace and safety of people around him. Those who blame the police do not even think through the facts before taking to the streets and blaming the cops for the deed.

These are people that sit around on the backsides all day looking for ways to make a fast buck or take things that their neighbors work hard to earn. The unrest that followed prompted the police to issue a curfew until things would settle down.

The real pandemic is not the coronavirus but the sick unlawful actions of people that have never done anything with their lives. It seems that the loser liberals of Kenosha, WI were hoping that something like this would happen to have their two minutes in the national news.

BLM hopes that their actions will stop police shootings, but that will never happen when they act violently. The police department stated that the curfew was “due to numerous arm robberies and shots fired calls.” This is also the reason why they told businesses to stay closed.

The idiotic Governor Tony Evers is grateful that this happened in his state because he is a Democrat. He very quickly sided with the man that shot and killed. He is just another worthless Democrat trying to put his name in the history books.

He gave a worthless statement that blamed the police for the man’s violent actions. He stated that “What we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country.”

Evers had better be ready for the ensuing violence that would happen no matter what he does. BLM members have already shown in Chicago, Portland and Seattle that no matter what is done. They will continue to attack unless the National Guard steps in and makes them stop.

Annoyingly the Democrats have a video that supposedly shows the violent man trying to get away from the police.

It is very suspicious that the Democrats could release such a video in a short amount of time. Their purpose was to incite violence in the heart of the country. Many are wondering if they staged the whole thing at the expense of the man that was shot.

The sad little Democrat that had the video was Julian Castro. He flat out admits that he does not know all the facts but still promoted the violence. He states in a tweet that “Police in Kenosha, Wisconsin appear to shoot a man seven times in the back at point-blank range after he ignores commands. We’re (sp) no other non-lethal methods considered, @KenoshaPolice?”

As a former politician, he should know to get the facts before ever making such a blatant statement regarding matters he knows nothing about. And he wonders why he lost the Democrat primary race against a bunch of other losers.

The police are the ones that should handle the matter. Everyone else needs to stay home and out of the way. The rioters have also committed crimes and need to be found and taken to prison along with the rest of the criminals floating around the country.