Blind New York Mayor Looks the Other Way after Beating


The Black Lives Matter protestors are violent thugs seeking people to beat and kill in the name of political and social change. As they stubbornly roam through the streets of American cities they seek out anything that they can destroy. 

Most of their targets are monuments and federal buildings. In some cases, they have tried to enter private homes only to be met with resistance which forces them to run like cowards. But when they are around their mafia brothers, they become the most violent oppressors in the country.

The violent gang turned on innocent people as they marched around Brooklyn and found a Chief of Department and some other police officers and beat them to the point that their lives were in danger with canes. Their attack was designed to kill the officers and send a clear message to people that they hate law and order. 

After they attacked these public servants 37 people were arrested. In one video a protestor is seen hitting the officers over the head with a cane. 

The attack came suddenly as the officers tried to do their job which is to keep the peace and stop crimes from being committed. The Black Lives Matter group does not care about life at all. All they care about is taking things and hurting people.

The aftermath of the attack left one officer with a blood-stained face. Another officer with a bandage on his head and another still trying to help his fallen officers by dressing a wound suffered at the hands of the mob. 

The care they had for the people in need and the care they gave each other shows the love and commitment that most officers have for the towns that they serve. 

But sadly, very few officers are corrupt and give a bad name to all police. What is even worse is when the sick public blames all cops like the BLM group is doing all over.

And of course, Bill de Blasio is silent on the matter. He loves the fact that the officers were beaten and attacked. He will never condemn the actions of his bought off mob because he wanted that attack to take place. 

He alone has seen to the police force of New York to suffer a $1 billion budget cut. De Blasio is very active on social media but has not once said anything to the officers or their families. But he silently praises the actions of the murderous crowds that day. 

The suspect that is responsible is in hiding today because he is wanted for attempted murder. Crime never pays off. The man came at the officers like they were enemies of an invading army. 

He wielded his weapon and started smashing the skulls in of the peacekeepers. He had to climb barriers and other obstacles to even get at the police. He was determined to send these cops to see their Maker. 

The police were there to protect all the people that had the right to peacefully demonstrate and protest. But the liberals and the would-be killers did not like the crowd that supported the police, so they took after them and the police. 

The results of such actions are devastating. But these are the kinds of things that mark the Democrats. Bill de Blasio is silent regarding this matter because he agrees with the methods of the murderers. 

De Blasio hates the police so much that he is willing to let crime reign in New York while he removes the NYPD one dollar at a time. All the police could say after the moment was that “On July 15 at approximately 10:10 AM, on the Brooklyn Bridge while attempting to make an arrest an unidentified individual struck multiple police offices with a cane.” 

De Blasio secretly praises this wanted man. It would not be out of line with his agenda to someday pardon the attacker. One can only hope that de Blasio is put in a position where he could learn to value the protection and service of the honest and loyal NYPD.