Biden Orders Hundreds of Millions To Be Set on Fire

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hand draw / shutterstock.comWith a single **click** of the trigger, the flamethrowers come to life. Their scorching heat and dancing flame ignite their fibers. ...Read More

Disabled Veterans Being Kicked Out of Program in Favor of Illegals

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Pixel-Shot / shutterstock.comIsland Shores assisted living facility in Staten Island, New York is where 95-year-old Korean War Veteran Frank Tammaro and other se ...Read More

Adam Schiff Snared in Defense Contractor Bribery Scheme

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lev radin / shutterstock.comRep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is catching heat for steering millions of dollars to defense contractors, who then turned around and donated ...Read More

Trump Declares Our ‘Final Battle’ at Hand
shutterstock.comLike any election, our votes for 2024 are essentially fighting for the nation’s future. And according to former President Donald Tru ...Read More

Illegals Working Illegal Jobs for $3K a Month as Taxpayers Pay All Their Bills

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Johnstocker Production / shutterstock.comIllegal aliens from Venezuela, who are being housed in New York City, have been illegally working for companies like Uber and Home D ...Read More

Lone Democrat Stands by Vow To Represent the People and Not the Party; Torpedo’s State Abortion Bill

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Lightspring / shutterstock.comFor decades now, the Democrats have been perpetuating the idea that the only way to lead the American people is by putting the needs ...Read More


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Dmytro Tyshchenko / shutterstock.comFor decades now, most conservatives and even a few liberals have of the mindset that smoking marijuana was the worst thing a person ...Read More

OPED: Cannabis Legalization Is About More Than Smoking Weed for America

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Gary Varvel / creators.comOn September 26th, the Air Force One Gremlin struck President Biden yet again. Reaching its arm up, it grabbed his ankle and prevent ...Read More

Air Force One Gremlin Strikes Again

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BondRocketImages / shutterstock.comThe evidence of what a Democrat-led city and state look like is playing out right in front of us, and they aren’t pretty. As the cit ...Read More

Crime Is So Bad that Oakland Basically Shuts Down

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Cobalt S-Elinoi / shutterstock.comDespite enormous pressure from Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Ford is putting a pin in the construction of a $3.5 billion ele ...Read More

Ford Caught Supporting Chinese Communist Party Over American UAW

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lev radin / shutterstock.comGov. Kathy Hochul penned legislation on September 20th that was aimed directly at former President Trump in his reelection hopes. Sh ...Read More

NY Governor Stacks the Deck for Presidential Primary

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lev radin / shutterstock.comWe all know Joe Biden isn’t doing well, not physically, mentally, or in terms of likability. And that means the Democrats may have t ...Read More

Ted Cruz Predicts WHO Will Be Dem Nominee?

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Gints Ivuskans / shutterstock.comFor those of us on the political right, we’ve known Biden isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed for some time now. But one of his late ...Read More

Dem Rep Says Biden’s Prisoner Swap Doesn’t Pass the Smell Test

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file404 / shutterstock.comFollowing a year and a half’s worth of shuffling illegal immigrants away from southern border towns to New York City, and Democratic ...Read More

Illegals in NYC Setup Underground Economy

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Fer Gregory / shutterstock.comIf you were raised in a Christian home as I was, it’s quite possible you grew up being read the story of Christmas as a child every ...Read More

Hollywood Actually Just Put Christ at the Center of a Christmas Film…

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lev radin / shutterstock.comAs Biden’s Transportation Secretary, it should be no surprise that Pete Buttigieg is all for electric vehicles. Neither should it sh ...Read More

Buttigieg to Spend $100 Million in Taxpayer Funds to Fix EV Problem

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AF Branco / Creators.comThe migrant crisis has been an inconvenience for New Yorkers — the legal ones — for a while now. However, Mayor Eric Adams is actual ...Read More

Migrant Crisis in NYC Is Now Costing Americans – Adams Hacks at City’s Budget

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Owlie Productions / shutterstock.comWe all know Biden and Co. are trying to convince us all that we need to drop fossil-fueled vehicles for those of the electric variet ...Read More

Police are Called on Biden’s Energy Secretary’s EV Caravan